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The NEW to the UK Hy-land Swing modules!! 

HY-LAND SWING - Click Image to Close

This new swing module,

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with a 10 year guarantee. 

And hours of fun for your children.


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HY-SWING MODULE - Click Image to Close

Get your monkey, going BANANAS

With out OrangUtang wooden play centre, Your little monkies could be going ape.

The Orang Utan by Plum Products is a fabulously versatile garden swing set. 6 children can play at the same time! The Orang Utan offers value, quality and safety.

It has your 2 standard swings, with the trapeze swing, as well as a double swing and sliding pole for all the adventures your kids will get up to.

Plum Orang Utang® Wooden Pole Swing Set

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Swinging Sensations

At www.climbingframe-hypermarket.co.uk we have a wide range of GREAT swing extensions.

Jungle Swing

Jungle Swing

Online Price: £224.95

This timber swing set includes a Red swing seat and a blue trapeze bar and all necessary fixings
  • Model: T401600

This is a great way to build up your childs strength with the terrific trapeze bar. As well as your child co-ordination with the swinging motion.

Plum Colobus® Wooden Pole Swing Set

Plum Colobus® Wooden Pole Swing Set

Online Price: £175.50

A fabulous swingset for year round outdoor play. This wooden swing set from Plum® offers a 2 seat glider and double swings, which use soft feel ropes and heavy duty blow moulded seats for extra durability. The natural qualities of the timber not only look great but will also blend into any garden with ease.

The round pole premium FSC certified timber is pressure treated and ensures this swingset is extremely strong. Metal swing attachments encircle the pole so no drilling is required, maintaining the strength and integrity of the timber. The sturdy frame also has wooden cross braces giving the swing extra stability.

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Spend your Easter with peace.

Easter is here and we at Climbingframe-hypermarket can guarantee a quiet one if you purchase one of our BLUE RABBIT climbing frames.

Get your child the bunny they always wanted.

The Easter bunny has never been so good (or as blue) 

Get your childs imagination hopping into over drive with one of our Blue Rabbit Loft play centres

Blue Rabbit Loft Complete Play Centre Package - Click Image to Close

The Loft Complete play centre package contains:

Blue Rabbit Loft Base
Blue rabbit slide
Blue Rabbit climbing wall…

Everything your child will enjoy.

Or for a truly EGGcelent deal this Easter;

Invest in a Blue Rabbit Bunker Play Centre

Blue Rabbit Bunker Complete Play Centre Package - Click Image to Close

The Bunker Complete play centre package contains:

Blue Rabbit Bunker Base
Blue rabbit swing module
Blue rabbit slide

An item from Accessories with an additional £5.00 off
AS WELL AS an item from Modules with an additional £5.00 off ONLY ON BUNKER PRODUCT.
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Your children can get imaginative with the Bison wooden play centre!!
Climbing the laser then deciding to use the long slide or the smaller one for the quicker escape!
The Bison is an 11ft play tower with a 5ft high play deck. There is a large play den with a roll down door…a 10ft climbing wall for the adventurous child.
We have a special offer on this frame, when you but it you get £5.00 of an item from accessories, and £5.00 off an item from toys!!

Feel your child is a bit young for the beastly bison- We at climbingframe-hypermarket have a range of my first play centres for your young ones, these are a great way to get your child used to the out doors and involved with activities from a young age!

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