Get your monkey, going BANANAS

With out OrangUtang wooden play centre, Your little monkies could be going ape.

The Orang Utan by Plum Products is a fabulously versatile garden swing set. 6 children can play at the same time! The Orang Utan offers value, quality and safety.

It has your 2 standard swings, with the trapeze swing, as well as a double swing and sliding pole for all the adventures your kids will get up to.

Plum Orang Utang® Wooden Pole Swing Set

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And pick up this great play centre OR if that doesn’t sound like the thing for you, we have a wide range of MANY MANY more that will be right up your street.



Hello Hy-Land

Do you own a hotel?

Involved with the council?

Camp Site?

We at Climbingframe Hypermarket have the answer, in the form of HY-LAND play equipment!!

We have climbing frames big enough to for-fill the needs of your

  • Hotel
  • Local play area
  •  Camp Site
  • Any other public area

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and find out more information about our wide range of climbing towers!! AT REASONABLE PRICES.

Say goodbye to under-age gangsters, and HELLO TO HY-LAND! Can help keep the kids off the streets and active!

HyLand 06 Play Park Equipment - Click Image to Close




Jungle Gym MADNESS!!

Children discover the world through play. They run, climb, crawl, laugh; they go in, out, up, down, across, behind and in between… They not only enjoy every second of it, play supports their development as well.

With a Jungle Gym play set, you can let them play and explore in the safe and familiar environment of your own home.

A unique collection of play sets that meets every child’s needs. All our play sets are expandable and can be customized with the addition of a wide variety of modules and accessories. There are towers for every taste, available area, and budget.

Our Jungle Gym products can build the imagination of a child, they can be anyone and anything they want to be!!

  • Barn

With our Jungle Gym Barn they can hop on it like a bunny, crawl under it like a cat, gallop round it like a noble steed and they can slide down it like a spider!! This Barn is the perfect way to keep your child entertained for hours on end.

Jungle Barn - Click Image to Close

  • Castle

With the Castle, your little girl can live out all her dreams of being a princess, floating around her dream castle. Imagining to sleep on the top (roofed) deck, then elegantly sliding down the slide to the bottom where she can play in sand until her brave knight comes and rescues her!

The castle is fun for both genders, your little boy can run around this fighting off all his imaginary dragons trying to rescue the damzell in distress!! Climbing the thousands of stairs to the highest tower. Tackling all kind of problems!!

Jungle Castle - Click Image to Close

These are just a couple of the models we have in stock from Jungle Gym.

If your child likes the sound of these pop on to and BLOW THEIR MIND!! 

All climbing frames are available at a competitive price!

Selling ex display equipment

Summer is rolling in fast, so get your kids outside with one of our high quality, reasonably priced Climbing Frames!

Come on down to Bridge of Earn just outside Perthshire, Scotland and pick up one of our ex display frames, at a competitive price.

We have 3 different types on display they are

  • Peak

This playset will fill your little one with hours of excitment! There is a swing for gentle fun on a lovely sunny afternoon. A slide for a healthy dose of excitment and a climbing ladder for the adventure. With this set you could help build your childs physical fitness, balance and even imagination.

    • Cabin
 This set has a high sturdy wooden roof and climbing tower located at both the front and back. The telescope supplied changes this everyday playset into a true watch-tower. This set includes an exillerating slide for an adreniline rush.
  • Swing Sets
  • Jungle Swing

This swing set has a red swing for a calm swing during the summer. Or for the more adventurous child a blue trapeze bar, for them to practice their monkey ways!

So come on down to;

Brig Farm Shop

Gateside Home Farm

Bridge of Earn



And one of our team will be able to assist you with the perfect choice for the children.