Go loopy for our plum products

Get over to http://www.climbingframe-hypermarket.co.uk TODAY and leave with your very own plum climbing frame.

We have had a wonderful spring so far, so get your kids going crazy with one of our plum products…

Your children can get imaginative with the Bison wooden play centre!!
Climbing the laser then deciding to use the long slide or the smaller one for the quicker escape!
The Bison is an 11ft play tower with a 5ft high play deck. There is a large play den with a roll down door…a 10ft climbing wall for the adventurous child.
We have a special offer on this frame, when you but it you get £5.00 of an item from accessories, and £5.00 off an item from toys!!

Feel your child is a bit young for the beastly bison- We at climbingframe-hypermarket have a range of my first play centres for your young ones, these are a great way to get your child used to the out doors and involved with activities from a young age!

Get on to
And view our extensive range of frames!! For affordable prices.


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