www.climbingframe-hypermarket.co.uk Internationally ship play equipment free of charge

Climbingframe-hypermarkethas a client based in the United Arab emirates who was looking to import ten commercial play equipment sets, complete with climbing wall and 3mtr slide. the Hy-land project 4 was the perfect solution.

Dealing Directly with the manufacturerand the shipping company we were able to reduce the cost of the play equipment enough to more than cover thye cost of the shipping. Despite the fact that we were shipping in excess of eight tons of play equipment, we were able to get the manufacturers to build crates so that the shipment could be handled by forklifts and be safely stacked in transport, which in turn reduced the shipping costs still further.therefore the savings secured by bulk buying ten units more than covered the cost of shipping and insurance.

So if you are looking to buy swings, slides, wooden climbing frames or metal play equipment, speak to the experts at www.climbingframe-hypermarket.co.uk they could potentially ship the play equipment to you free of charge.  



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